Haunting how I
sense your intentions:

hungry for power
and recognition,

jealous of,
plotting against
living obstacles,

throwing those
no better than you
under the bus
to score points
with authority,

then turning around,
striving to elicit

all while sustaining
the surface illusion
of empathy, juggling
internal contradictions…

Tell me, who’s side
are you really on?

All of us
or merely your own?

4 thoughts on “Chelcie.

  1. kgbethlehem

    Hey, I have a poetry corner and I definitely want to feature this. Crazy enough this was the first poem I read for tonight and it grabbed me that quick. Nice introspective piece. I will reblog your post so others can see more of your work. Again nicely done.

  2. kgbethlehem

    Reblogged this on KG Bethlehem and commented:
    Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Tonight is a nicely written introspective poem by Binjimin called “Chelcie.” Please check this out and visit this writer’s page too. Thank you and please be safe out there.


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