Bipolar Girl (With a Sturdy Trunk).

Innocent, yet savage:
a monster, so beautiful.

Embody dark and bright,
find home in the twilight,

all as you
unwind your tentacles,

branching up and down
like the roots and branches
of a great, cosmic tree.

Achieve the highest of highs,
endure the lowest of all lows,

died and reborn,
always come back
to your Self,

the sturdy trunk:

each time,
eyes slightly
wider open,

each time,
just a little more.

Obstruction via Persona.

Always felt
you, though never
as much as I do now

in what you
thought and felt
towards me,

and I can’t help
but look at
this specific aspect,

relatively recently

of my full-spectrum
as being
particularly debilitating.

I sum it up this way.

I value individuality.
Freedom of self-expression.
Freedom of assembly.

All very deeply.

I value the Natural Law:
do as you will, so long
as you harm no one else.

And this paranoia
their pathways
to fruition.

It leaves me
feeling suffocated,
crushed behind
an awkward costume
and funny mask.

in paralysis.

A cornered,
and restrained,

and caged

Art & Soul.

Time to seek space
to translate your mind.

Share visions
your soul spat at you

with the paper,
the canvas,
the stone

you bleed upon,
and through
mediums and media,

— so many potential
relations to explore;
so many different
mirrors to mine —

you can seed the minds
of everyone willing
to invest
so much as glance.

In Hopes I Can Live on the Cusp.

is now as omnipresent
an impulse as acceptance

of limitations
followed by liberating
passion, rest and relaxation

and maybe, at best,
I can manage to plow
my own path

a personal goal,
a target
I can work toward,

always high
on hopes
I can live
on the cusp

blending these
two extreme factions.

is not selfish,
he says,
if you serve others
in the process.

And ethics
is a different debate.

Your need to grow beyond
may not only be
the call of personal need,

but a responsibility
to those with whom
you are truly connected:

gravel thrown into the pond
of the shared cosmic psyche,

impacts casting ripples
across the fluid fabric,
kissing every edge
before it makes

an abrupt 180,
to the point of impact…

So lift your heavy ass,
get steady
on your own two feet,

learn to walk
on your own,

and to mold yourself
to your ultimate liking.

Between Their Devils & Angels.

Act now!

Limited addition.
Not available in stores.

Never one that won
the popularity contest,
yet inevitably,
it wins,
as it has endurance.

Been in The Shit.
And I

have the psychological scars
to prove it, so relax
as you watch me bleed.

I wanted you here
despite needing
you here.

I am all

before, behind, above
and beneath
that which resides

all their devils
and angels.

Plights of a Buffering Awakening.

Never lived a lie, no:

you’re just stubborn
with respect
to the extents

of absurdity inherent
in the truth,
as with all else:


That’s just clear
as fucking
day by now.

Despite that,
given it has passed

the thorough, serious,
sniff-test analysis,
your tendencies suggest
you’ll subject it to,

I think we can feel
that you’ll

get around to it.